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Are you looking for a way to add some excitement and competitive spirit to your home or office? Look no further! At Fitness Mart, you can find the perfect foosball table to bring hours of fun and entertainment. Foosball, a beloved game around the world, offers not just enjoyment but also a fantastic way to relieve stress and bond with friends, family, or colleagues.

Introduction to Foosball on Fitness Mart Bangladesh

Foosball is a game that simulates soccer on a table, allowing players to control miniature figures mounted on rotating rods to kick a ball into the opponent’s goal. It’s a game that requires skill, strategy, and quick reflexes. At Fitness Mart, we understand the joy and camaraderie that a foosball table can bring to any space. That’s why we offer a wide selection of tables that cater to every need, from casual play to competitive matches.

Foosball Table Price in Bangladesh- The Stress Buster That You Need

After a busy day, playing foosball is a super fun way to relax. Moving the rods fast in the game helps you forget worries and feel better. It makes everyone laugh, talk more, and enjoy a friendly match. So, foosball is awesome for everyone to feel happy and less stressed.

Height of the Table

Picking the right height for a foosball table is important so everyone can play comfortably. At Fitness Mart, we have bigger tables than the usual 36 inches. We have sizes like 48, 56, and 60 inches. This means kids and grown-ups can all join in the fun. Plus, our tables have legs you can adjust to make sure they’re the right height for anyone who wants to play. This way, everyone gets to have a good time playing the game.

Straightness of the Foosball Table Rods

The rods on a foosball table are really important for a good game. They need to be straight and move smoothly so you can control the ball well. If the rods are bent or hard to move, it can make the game less fun. At Fitness Mart, our foosball tables have strong and straight rods that make sure your game is always enjoyable and fair.

Stability of the Table

A stable foosball table is essential for an uninterrupted game. A wobbly table can disrupt the flow of play and affect the outcome of the game. That’s why stability is a top priority in all the foosball tables available at Fitness Mart. Our tables are constructed with sturdy materials and designed to withstand intense gameplay, so you can focus on scoring goals and having a great time.

Optimizing the Use of Filter Options

Our website has a neat filter system that lets you quickly find the foosball you’re dreaming of. You can sort by price, brand, type, and what it can do. This makes it super easy to spot the treadmill that’s just right for your exercise routine and wallet.

Top Foosball Tables with Prices in BD

  1. 48 inch wooden Color Soccer
  2. 56 inch Black Professional Soccer
  3. 56 inch Colorful Professional Soccer
  4. 60 inch Premium Professional Soccer

What to Consider Before Buying Foosball Tables from Fitness Mart

Before you buy, think about your workout goals, how much room you have, and your budget. Also, consider what features you’d like, such as how fast it can go, if it can tilt to make it feel like you’re going uphill, and how it tracks your workout. We’re here to help you figure all this out.

Advantages of Foosball Tables

Foosball tables are great for many reasons, and they’re not just for play. Playing foosball can make your hand-eye coordination better, help you think more strategically, and get you moving. Plus, foosball tables are a fun way to meet people and make friends. Whether you want to make your game room, office, or community center more fun, getting a foosball table from Fitness Mart is a good choice for both fun and health.

Why Choose Fitness Mart for Your Fitness Equipment

At Fitness Mart Bangladesh, we’re all about high-quality fitness stuff at good prices. We have a big selection, know a lot about what we sell, and we’re really nice to our customers. Whether it’s your first foosball or you’re upgrading, we’re excited to help.

Cheap Foosball Table Shop in Dhaka

Our main showroom is located in Dhaka, offering you the chance to explore our range of Foosball tables in person. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have and assist you in finding the perfect foosball for your home gym.

Shop Location

190/A Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak, Tejgaon- Gulshan link Road, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh

Frequently Asked Questions for Foosball Table

Q1. Why is it called a foosball table? 

It’s called a foosball table because “Foosball” comes from the German word “fußball,” which means football (soccer in the United States). The game is like soccer, but played on a table, so it got the name “foosball table.”

Q2. How much is the average foosball table?

The average cost of a foosball table varies widely based on quality, materials, and features.

Q3. How much should I spend on a foosball table?

What you spend on a foosball table depends on how much you’re willing to invest and how serious you are about playing. Casual players might opt for less expensive tables, while enthusiasts might look for higher quality, which generally costs more.

Q4. What do British people call foosball?

British people often call foosball “table football,” which mirrors the game’s soccer-style play.

Q5. How many players are on a foosball table?

A standard foosball table typically has 8 rods with a total of 26 players, with 13 figures for each team.

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