Electric Scooter Evercross

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This is an amazing electric scooter and its frame is made with aluminum alloy with rubber coating which is strong. Its deck is quite a width and allows for both feet side by side for comfort, unlike the other designs in the market. It has an 8-inch tubeless tire which is controllable. You can ride it on roads and you won’t feel the majority of bumps and cracks. The wheels are just the right size to ride up a small curb, which is very handy. The scooter has a quick release foldable button and you will be able to reach a max speed of 18 km with no disturbance.

The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are a good choice. This kind of battery recharge easily. However, it takes time to fully charge about 4 hours. The icewheel has a Powerful and effective brake system which is electronic brakes, this kind of brakes are activated by a switch. The scooter makes easier to carry when folded and you can place it in your car or you can keep it with you on public transport. Weight is not a greater issue, it has just a decent weight of 11 kg.

This scooter has got a motor with the power of 180 watts and the battery volt is 29. Per range charge, it can be able to go 12 km easily. The scooter available in black color and it can bear up to 100 kg. Along with the improved display unite, you can see your speed, remaining battery power, and many other things.

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