Premium Power Tower

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  • Angled frame secures upper torso against back pad
  • Provides benefits lifting barbells and dumbbells
  • Dip handles flip up for unobstructed chin up exercise
  • Durable and solid construction
  • Wide chin up hand position
  • Ergonomically angled VKR pads

Adidas Power Tower is designed to build strength on upper body and target muscle groups. Challenge yourself with workouts including pull ups, vertical knee raises and dips. The press up stands, vertical knee raise pads, narrow chin up grips, triceps dip hands are added features on Adidas Power Tower.

The other highlights include flip up dip handles, ergonomically designed ankle pads, angled frame to minimise the incidence of body sway. The flip up handles provide enough space for chin ups. The back pad is ergonomically designed and is trimmed at waist height to stretch and flex at the hips.

The dips and push ups in parallel bars aims at building triceps and pectoral muscles, the pull-ups on a low bar empowers biceps and back muscles, the vertical knee raise exercise focuses on developing abdominal muscles and push ups provide effective exercise for abdominals for six pack, strength enhancement for pectorals and biceps.

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